Resume for Fresh Graduate – First Impressions Count

How can you create a resume that stands out if you do not have any working experience to start with? This is a common question asked by job seekers who have just left school or a training institution. Despite the fact that you do not have any professional achievements to boast about, drafting an outstanding resume for fresh graduate like you is still possible.

Although new graduates are lacking in working experience, they have plenty of knowledge gained from their education. And that knowledge is recent and specific to their industry. Fresh graduates are often more knowledgeable about the latest technology and able to inject in new ideas as well as energy. Make full use of what you have acquired in school to your benefit. Play up the skills and knowledge that you have learnt.

What you do in your free time can also be added to your resume. But be sure to only include those activities that are relevant to the job you are applying for. However, a section dedicated to these free time activities is not required and should be avoided. Instead, highlight the skills that you have acquired from these hobbies throughout your resume for fresh graduate.

Never leave out volunteer work. Volunteer work demonstrates to the potential employer that you are a team player and that you can dedicate yourself to an effort as well as an organization. Some students engage in charity or intern work while they are still schooling to secure references and work experience that can give them an edge in their job search.

Want to show that you are a great team player on your resume? Include club activities and specifically how you tackle a difficult class assignment as a team. If you had to produce a product or conduct a case study as a school assignment, you can put this in if it is related to the job duties that you will be expected to carry out if employed.

If you find your resume is still lacking after considering all the above, you can give it a boost in your cover letter. Your resume cover letter is your one shot to show why you should be considered for the position. Demonstrate to the potential employer that you have the ability and aptitude to outperform all other candidates despite your lack of experience. Be persuasive, but do not sound too aggressive or proud.

Most educational institution provide employment assistance to their students. This includes guiding and preparing you for a job interview. If your school provides such assistance, grab it. Do not hesitate to seek assistance in writing a resume for fresh graduate.

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